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Contours Rx Neck Wrinkle Remover - Smooth and Improve Your Neckline, Best Xmas Gift 2022
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Contours Rx Neck Wrinkle Remover - Smooth and Improve Your Neckline, Best Xmas Gift 2022

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The Simple, Instant Solution to the Most Tell-Tale Sign of Aging

Contours Rx has done it again with another anti-aging product that transforms your look instantly! NECK RESCUE erases years off your look by gently holding excess skin behind your neck for a more youthful, smooth neckline.

If you are unhappy with your neckline, but don’t have the money, time, or want to commit to surgery, then NECK RESCUE is for you.

Hide your wattle instantly! The flexibility and durability of NECK RESCUE does not restrain your neck from any motor functions, so you can continue with your day looking beautiful and feeling confident.

Use NECK RESCUE for a smooth and improved neckline!

Strong Hold – NECK RESCUE will keep your excess skin in place until you decide to take it off. The strip is designed to recontour your neckline for a natural, smooth look. For dramatic results, you can even use more than one!

Translucent – NECK RESCUE is translucent and works on any skin tone. The strip disappears when properly applied, for a natural-looking finish.

Works in Seconds! – NECK RESCUE works in seconds to give you the results you have always wanted! Unlike surgery, there is no recovery time.

Smoother Neckline – Fight the signs of aging by smoothing out your neckline for a youthful appearance. Hide loose, saggy skin and never again worry about anyone looking at your wattle!

Natural Recontouring – Use NECK RESCUE to reveal the natural contours of your neckline. Accentuate your true beauty and you’ll love the transformation!

Non-Surgical Solution – This is an instant solution to a saggy, loose neckline! It’s risk free, safe, and requires no recovery time.

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