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orthopedic pillow
orthopedic pillow
Best Contour Pillows for Neck Pain
orthopedic pillow
best memory foam pillow
orthopedic pillow
orthopedic pillow
orthopedic pillow

Derila Orthopedic Pillow - Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain

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Millions of people around the world struggle with getting a decent night's sleep - resulting in low energy, sluggishness and a lack of motivation.

orthopedic pillow for neck pain

Did you know that the recommended amount of sleep for the average adult is 7 or more hours each night?

I know from experience that even half of that can be a struggle at times! But what most people fail to realise is that before going down the route of purchasing expensive sleeping gadgets, new mattresses and fancy duvets they should first check what is directly under their head first…

Yep, that’s right… I’m talking about pillows!

Unfortunately, regular pillows are hopelessly outdated - they often don’t support your neck enough for it to keep a natural position, which can result in your body taking the incorrect position for extended periods of time - which results in neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and even increased chance of snoring.

But after doing some research and discovering the amazing sleep hack that is memory foam pillows.

orthopedic pillow for neck pain

Derila Memory Foam Pillow follows your spine's natural curvature, and the memory foam responds to your weight and shape, giving you the support you need to sleep without pain

Derila Contour Pillows Vs Standard Pillows

Traditional pillows - traditional pillows aren't built for support, your spine will ends up in an unnatural curve – which often resulting in pain, discomfort and poor-quality sleep.

orthopedic pillow

Derila Memory Foam Pillow - Derila uses advanced memory foam technology to straighten and support your spine in its natural position, reducing pain and improving sleep.

Best Contour Pillows for Neck

Why Choose Derila Memory Foam Pillow?

High-Density Memory Foam 

Delila is made with highly compacted memory foam. This high-quality foam responds to the pressure of individual body weights and shapes and keep your head, neck, and spine extremely comfortable while you sleep.

Suitable for All Sleeping Positions

Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, Derila has you covered and will still be perfect to give you a restful sleep. On each side, there are support wings to support your head and neck.

Derila pillow

Perfect Sleep Height

Derila Memory Foam Pillow adjusts to your body weight and holds your neck at the appropriate height so you can get adequate sleep and wake up pain-free.

best memory foam pillow

Nook for the Neck  

It will help your head cradled in it while you sleep to cut down on tossing and turning frequently or being restless when you sleep. 

best memory foam pillow

Thermoregulatory Outer Layer 

To circumvent the excessive discomfort that heat may cause to sleep, Derila has a surface that regulates the temperature and allows you to fall asleep easily. Like other memory foam, its cells are open, forming a matrix through which air can flow.

best memory foam pillow

Help Relax Your Mind & Muscles

Derila Pillow is specially designed to provide personalized support for your head and shoulders. Resulting in a proper, healthy sleep position that increases your sleep quality, promotes muscle relaxation and improves your general quality of life. This is particularly important if you do a lot of sports or work at a desk all day.

Ease Snoring And Promote Deeper Sleep

Derila Memory foam pillows help ease snoring by keeping your neck raised, clearing your airways and enabling you to breathe more easily. If you are sleeping incorrectly, your neck is probably bent at an awkward angle, which increases a chance of mouth breathing and snoring.

Feel Energized in The Morning

Sleeping like a baby gets you well-rested, refreshed, and recharged for the new day.  With adequate sleep each night, you set out for the new day with a gust of energy, physical and mental.

Perfect For Commuters & People Who Work Long Hours

Derila Memory foam pillows aren’t just for your bed. If you spend lots of time commuting by train, bus or even plane - they are perfect for when you need proper neck support during long hours sat in the same place - meaning you won’t wake up with sore shoulders, an aching back and a thumping headache

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this help with my back and neck pain?
A: Poor sleep posture is a major cause of pain. Derila helps reduce back and neck pain, as well as tension headaches and shoulder pain, by supporting your spine at night.

Q: I'm a light sleeper. Will this help me sleep more soundly?
A: Light sleep is often caused by discomfort, stress or snoring. Derila can help by giving you a comfortable, supportive sleep position that helps with breathing and allows you to sleep more deeply.

Q: Is this good for travel?
A: Yes! Derila is light, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere - on a plane, in a hotel, or even in a car. It works in any sleep position.

Q: Do you think this would make a good gift?
A: Yes - many customers bought for their friends and family. It's a great gift for people who work long hours or travel a lot, or for older adults who suffer from joint and muscle pain.

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